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Letters to our Sons | October 2012

Oh sweet bobo. Where will you go? Where will my bobo go?!?

You are my baby. I sit here trying to figure what to say to you. What do i say? With Asher, the words came so easy. With you, it’s not that I have no words. It’s that i just smile, smile and smile. I can’t write what i feel.

You’ve been away the last few days at your nana and pop-pops. We spoke yesterday. you my sweet baby were the only to say you loved me without me saying it first. You also told me you wanted to come home. Your brother and sister didn’t care. You did.

There is something about you bobo that people just fall in love with. You will run up to anybody on the street and give them a hug. You wave at everyone that walks by. You will say hi repetitively until the person says hi back.

You are so like lily. You are so your own little guy. You know, when you were born, you were the little guy, the tiny one. You were so small next to your daddy’s hands.

boden | courtney keim photography

But you had this brown hair and these big brown eyes that would stare at me. I kangarooed you for hours. You will not remember but I will never forget.

boden | courtney keim photography

You grab my face so many times a day and kiss me. You call out when I’m driving ‘kiss me’… oh Bobo.  You take my hand at every chance you get … oh Bobo.

You are always a few steps behind literally …. but I think it’s because you go at your own pace – you’d rather hold my hand and walk slowly to the playground then take off in a wild dash with Lily + Asher to get to the slide first.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.   Don’t listen when they say catch up to your brother and sister.  You are your own little guy.  You can hold my hand forever.

You can sleep wherever you want.  Whether it be a bed, a book shelf, the rug … it’s all good … don’t let anyone tell you to sleep in the bed.  I mean, you are the only one to ever be on a national tv show because of this.

You can be your own man.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Now i’m going to stop here.  I can’t stop smiling … you make me smile my sweet Bobo.  I hope you never pronounce your name correctly.  Because even if you do … you will always be my Bobo.


I’ll be back next time with some more photos … since it’s my second month, I really thought i had to write about each kid… and now, we can get to business!

But you must must must head on over to the always fabulous Amy of Amy Lucy Photography to read her sweet letter.  She’s a fellow CMmentor + is amazing.

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  1. There is just so much love and emotion in this post, Courtney … and without even knowing your little Bobo, I know he is one special, extremely loved, boy. <3

  2. oh my goodness…so very tiny!! I always love hearing your thoughts from when your babies were itty bitty, Courtney. love keeping up with ‘where will bobo go’ on IG too…he’s such a sweetie. xo

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