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Letters to Our Sons

Dear Asher + Bobo,

A few months ago, a horrible horrible storm hit our town.  We endured it + emerged unscathed.  So many were not as lucky + lost so so much.  It was called a super storm.  It was the storm of the century.  The 100 year storm.  Superstorm Sandy.

The news kept saying that the shoreline would be changed forever and for so many places it was.  Thankfully not here even though we encountered a direct hit – that means the storm went straight over us.  But as i think of that time we spent holed up in our house, I spent thinking about that shoreline and how many memories we have there.  I was so worried how the storm would change our lives … it did but definitely not like some.  Sure, your school closed for a month to rebuild.  Sure, our favorite restaurant which is right down the street from your school closed too to rebuild.  But it showed how wonderful an area we live in.  People are passionate + love where we live.

You won’t remember the howl of the wind.  You won’t remember the water coming up the street.  You won’t remember the shaking of the house.  You won’t remember when the bay met the ocean.  You won’t remember not being able to watch tv b/c the power was out.  You won’t remember not being able to take baths due to contaminated water.  You won’t remember an empty town.

You will remember being off from school.  You will remember playing for all hours of the night by candelight.  You will remember the days Bella + her mom lived at our house.  You will remember the crazy cuddling in bed for naps + nighttime.  You will remember all the pretty sea shells that washed up along the shore … the beautiful shore in which we live.

And as for that beach, there is a past.  There is a present.  There is a future.

You will be back to the beach next year + won’t give Sandy a second thought.  You will be back to building sand castles.  You will be back to boogie boarding.  You will be back to smiles at the beach.  You won’t ever remember that week.  But know it was the week our lives could have changed forever … but by the grace of God, it didn’t.

I am so honored to be a part of  “Letters to our Sons” blog circle, with so many fabulous photographers + moms. We write these letters in honor of our sweet little guys + are happy you have joined in reading them with us.  Please head over to the amazing Jessica Vaughn’s blog to read her letter as well … and then on around the circle!

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  1. This is wonderfully written, Courtney and I am still so thankful that you and your family made it through safely! This letter will be a great reminder of that. 🙂

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