Lilliana’s First (Summer) Zone Cut

If you know anything about Lilliana, you know that she is the queen of 0.05 or 0.1 when it comes to cuts.  This last Junior Olympics, she qualified at the JW Summer Solstice.  She had swam the morning for her new summer club team – Deerbrook – and was exhausted that afternoon swimming.  She missed the cut yet again but decided to try one last time.  That Sunday, last event, she made it … again.  The last event.  She asked to attend JOs even though she only had one cut … and of course, during her heat, the touchpads failed for the ENTIRE heat.  She missed A finals and was seeded first for the consolation final.  It’s annoying to think maybe she would have been A had her touchpad worked but whatever shit happens.

That night, she was slated to be on the field for the Philadelphia Union game but decided to try one last time to get that zone cut having missed it in the am by what … 0.05 seconds of course.  So she swam the race.  We missed the first half.  But she made it.  And that made it all worth it.


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