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The Goalie who won’t go back

Yes, we took up soccer. She wanted to last year. Her friends were talking about it. So Ken decided to sign her up. We opted for one close by. I registered her. Got the confirmation and the email to show up on Saturday 11-12. Check. Got her all the gear. Check.

Ken took her early … to get her situated. Tons of people. No clue where to go. We finally found her team. The first day, they would play another team. Right away, no practice. No teaching her what to do. They rotated in and out. She was so happy at first.

But she never got the ball. The others knew what to do. She ran behind. She tried to understand.

Then came the decision to rotate her into goalie. Did I mention my poor little girl had never played soccer (besides with daddy) in her life.

They scored on her. Twice.

And that was the end of her soccer career. She doesn’t want to go back. I can’t blame her. Maybe if she knew the game. Maybe if she had known what to do. The outcome could have been different.


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