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Real JFC here we come!

Let me preface by saying that we had no intention of leaving Lilliana’s old team going into this season.  Sometimes I kick myself for not exploring this option last summer when I wanted to look at other clubs for her.  I had reached out to SJEB and PDA but did not want to travel that far so we just decided her old club was the best option for around here.  Ken and I always joked we needed to find the “Seahawks” of the soccer world.  That club you know you will stay on forever because it’s one of the best in the nation – I mean Seahawks did achieve Bronze again … but I digress … when the opportunity for her to join Real JFC we jumped at the chance.  The moment I spoke to her coach I knew this was the fit she needed.  We jumped in + her first tournament, we had a parent meeting w her, the coach and the manager.  What they told me about Lilliana gave me reassurance.  They told her that she will make mistakes at practice and that it’s ok (the director of coaching even told her at the first skills practice he wanted fast passing, not slow and perfect) … and that if she wasn’t making mistakes, that as coach, he wasn’t challenging her to take her skills to the next level.  BOOM.  That’s what this girl needed to hear!  She’s been hooked ever since.  She loves to go to practice.  She looks forward to it.  She juggles at home now.  Sometimes, even with a tennis ball.  And she’s happy.  That’s the main thing.  Happy and loving soccer.

Note: This isn’t to bash her old club. It’s to say it’s not a one size fits all model and you need to find what is right for YOUR kid. A coworker once told me you have no allegiances to clubs – you have an allegiance to your kid and you move clubs based on their needs.

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