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Letters to our Sons | February 2013

Dear Boden,

You have the middle name hunter.  it’s a family name … my great-grandfather had that name + so does my little brother wesley.  now that i have cut your hair into the buzz cut, your similarity with him is just seriously so uncanny.  You remind me so much of him, you just do not know.

Wesley was this little guy who always asked why.  He built lego towns for hours … sometimes days.  give him anything broken, and he could fix it.  give him a stack of blocks and he’d make a tower to the roof.  He was into all things tech-related and still is to this day. You can give him a broken computer and that macguyver will fix it … do you know who macguyver even is?

Now I look at you.  You ask me why all too often. At your one visit to penn, the doctor asked you to stack two blocks on top of each other.  You took about 20 and built a tower.  We won’t talk about how Asher then knocked it down in one big swipe of his arm.  And then you and your love for your ipod.  You would be content for hours to plug away on that thing.  You know how to push buttons and find things that even i don’t know.

I ran in to grab some photos of just you.  You didn’t even look up at me once.

But as i snapped away i was transported back to 1983.  When wes was 3.

Thank you for being you.  But thank you also for bringing me back almost 30 years to my childhood.  I love reliving it through your eyes.  Every single mannerism of yours lately reminds me of my little brother.  How ironic since you are the little brother.  And if you are anything like him, you will be an absolute brainiac genius.

xoxo, mom

Head on over now to the fabulous elle walker, who i have the honor  of ‘knowing’ as a fellow photographer and mentor over at clickinmoms.  I cannot wait to read the rest of this fabulous group of ladies Letters to our Sons.

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  1. I love the connection between him and your little brother! My kids are the same spacing as my younger brother and I, 3 years apart as big sis and little bro. When I watch my kids play, they remind me so much of how my brother and I played at that age.

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