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Letters to our Daughters | October 2012

For the longest time I was envious of these blog posts I read. They were these amazingly beautiful letters being written by photographers I stalk read about … and wow.  When I was asked to join, it was one of those moments when you feel blessed.  Blessed you ask?!?  Well yes.  You see.  Too much is being lost.  Going by too quickly.  And maybe now I can put into words how I have been feeling about my moments I am now losing… that are going by too quickly.

My sweet Lily.  My baby girl.  My mini-me.

lily | courtney keim photography | www.courtneykeim.com

These last five years have been a dream.  I always wanted a little baby girl.  So much longer than you could imagine.  My heart ached for one.  And that day I found out you were a girl, I thought so many things.  I dreamt so many dreams for you.  I wondered what you would look like.  I wondered who you would be like.  I wondered how you would love me so.

You were the easiest baby.  You just don’t know.  I tell myself I could have a dozen babies if they were all like you.

lily | courtney keim photography | www.courtneykeim.com

These last few weeks, you ask me every day why I love the boys more.  Why I cuddle them when they cry.  Why I go to them when they call.  Why I help them when they ask.

I reassure you.

I will go to you when you cry.  But you don’t.  You are so independent.  You do it alone.  You do it right and you do it well.

I will go to you when you call.  But you don’t.  You are stubborn.  You want to do it by yourself.  You will get it right and do it right.  To utter perfection.

I will go to you when you need help.  But you don’t.  You are your own person.  You don’t need my help.  You don’t need anyone’s help.  You are only 5 + you are taking this world by storm.

lily | courtney keim photography | www.courtneykeim.com

Why you doubt me so.  Why i don’t know.  Do I need to tell you more?

Know that you are my firstborn.  My only girl.  My love.  My spunky one.  My faithful one.  My sweet one.  My crazy one.  My independent one.

lily | courtney keim photography | www.courtneykeim.com

I love you LilyBeth.

mom xx

Now you absolutely must head on over to my favorite photographer from across the atlantic … Emma Wood for her letters – she is one of the photographers who have been a part of this project for some time … an amazing photographer + friend I might add.

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  1. What a little firecracker! SO happy to have you in this group love. Your words are just beautiful as are your photos but it is such a treat to get such an intimate look at your relationship with your beautiful girl! I have a feeling her and Sophia would be like peas and carrots LOL!

  2. Courtney, dont you ever doubt your writing abilities again, I adore everything about this post. I can’t wait until your sweet girl is old enough to read this for herself, it’s just beautiful – oh, and I love your images, of course! <3

  3. courtney, what a blessing it is to have a daughter so free and comfortable with herself in the world. it is what so many mothers dream about, wish for, try to teach. what a darling little character she is. the spark in her eyes nearly leaps out beyond the pictures. and you have so much faith in her. she is going to feel that everyday, and it will make her even more brave…xoxo

  4. Courtney,
    This might be my favorite post that you have ever written! The images so fresh and real, your words so honest.

  5. Oh my! What a cutie pie! I love her spunk.. it will hold her in good stead when she is older. Spunky girls ROCK! So happy to get to meet you Courtney through this project.. love your letter! xoxo

  6. She is beautiful, Courtney and her eyes tell how smart and strong will she is. My daughter was very easy to when she was a baby and I told her exactly the same. I’d have more like you. LOL. With her strong will and determination, and you as her mom, she will do very well!

  7. Oh Courtney, what a beautiful letter to your sweet Lily! She has the most beautiful eyes and reminds me so much of her mama. I can see how strong and independent she is and I look forward to learning lots more about her. <3

  8. Courtney I’m so happy to get to know you more and to hear about this sweet feisty girl of yours – what an absolute treasure she is 🙂 Looking forward to your future letters x

  9. Love your sweet little girl. She is so fun and silly. I love hearing about all her personality and how independent she is and the images to go along with her. She seems to be such a joy. What a lovely letter and ode to her.

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