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Kauai 2015

Ken and I traveled to Kauai again this past December kid-less. It was a fabulous time filled with relaxation, good food + drinks and some celebrity sightings (Pierce Brosnan, Kevin Nealon …).

Courtney Keim | Kauai | Hawaii

We started our trek into Kauai traveling first class with Alaska Airlines.  Oh my.  I love them.  Their first class ends up being cheaper than US Airways coach.  The layover is Seattle vs Phoenix which adds a bit of time to the flight – think about 1.5 hours each way but I’m ok with that since the amenities + price outweigh the extra time.

We stayed first at the St. Regis Princeville.  I’ve had a SPG (Starwood) American Express card for some time + had accrued some crazy points.  We had an amazing view of Hanalei bay (yes, I named one of my templates after this amazing location).   We were literally able to walk to Hanalei from our hotel in Princeville.  Like literally walk.   Considering the drive, the wading across the bay at a strategic place was worth it.  I am kicking myself for not bringing my camera out more.  I get so caught up in the vacation – I forget.

I hope to catch you up more on our vacation but wanted to post some photos of the trip!

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